Mastering by Joshua Stevenson

A Sound Engineer with over 20 years experience in Audio Recording, Mixing, Mastering, and Post-Production Sound. Joshua is also heavily involved with music, performing in international groups over the last 20 years with numerous album credits and sound projects behind him.

Mastered Albums & Work

Album credits on

Post-Production Film Credits on

  • Over 20 years experience
  • Digitizing/cleaning up from analog formats like 1/4″ tape, 4-track.
  • Final Mastering for CD/vinyl/Cassette release.
  • Vinyl to Digital Transfers
  • And more…



: $45/per standard length track for digital master/Vinyl Premaster

:: $65/per track over thats over 10 minutes in length or edited collage track.

::: $50 to have final master transfered to high quality type II (CrO2) Cassette

:::: $60 per 1/4″ tape transfer to digital (With a Studer PR99 MkIII)

::::: $45 for a DDP or Vinyl Master Cue Sheet/A-B Side Audio Files

For larger projects and compilations contact us for a exact quote, Thanks!



Sub Pop
Burger Records
Merge Records
Arts & Crafts
1080p Collection
Load Records
More Than Human Records
Holy Mountain Records
Mint Records
De Stijl
Death Waltz Recording Company
Editions Mego
SS Records
and more…



Babe Rainbow
Jean-Michel Blais
Dead Ghost
Cindy Lee
Pye Corner Audio
Adrian Teacher and the Subs
Gal Gracen
Ed Askew
Babe Rainbow
Hatesville (Boyd Rice & Shaun Partridge)
Hertta Lussu
Himalayan Bear
Jackie-O Motherfucker
Josh Hanson (Gift Tapes)
Messanger Girls Trio (Climax Golden Twins / Sun City Girls)
Mint Records 100 CD Compilation
Monoshock – Walk To The Fire ‘reissue’
Ora Cogan – The Quarry
Shearing Pinx
Sinoia Caves
Spray Paint (SS Records)
Steve Hauschidt (of the group Emeralds)
Starfuckers ‎– Metallic Diseases (Remaster for Holy Mountain Records)
Super Lonely (The Albertans)
Sur La Plage
and more…